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D&D 4e Campaign - King of the Trollhaunt Warrens

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We are currently journeying through the Trollhaunt Warrens and destroying all the little beasties that get in our path.

This is a continuation of our ongoing 4E campaign. Our characters are currently level 11. We play on Friday nights, typically from about 5:30 to midnight or later.

Our Dungeon Master is running the campaign using a tool set know as Maptools. Much of the gaming technicalities have been automated and you can get a much better picture of what is occurring in the game. For more information, you can check out this blog:

We game at the DMs house.

If you are newly joining us, characters should be created using the Wizards of the Coast subscription character builder (if you don't have a membership, one of our players can help you out). When first creating your character, you are permitted one magical item of level 12, one item of level 11, and one item of level 10. Additionally, you may add gold equal to a level 10 magical item and buy any other equipment with this. All races and classes on the character builder are permissible, provided the combination is not completely ridiculous (like a pixie vampire).

There's a Storm a breing!

Current player character lineup includes:

Gilgenor the one handed - (Leader/Controller) Gnome Artificer (Creator of Awesomeness) <--will soon be killed by the DM. (DM EDIT) (He only got my hand)

Krull Stormfront - (Leader/Defender) Dragonborn Cleric of Kord (potentially lost to the faith)

Garreth the one footed - (Striker) Human Rogue Scoundrel - Scourge of rat minions everywhere.

Quell - (Striker) Half-Orc Ranger

Xiphos - (Defender) Human Weaponmaster Fighter

Xylina - (Controller) Hamadryad Witch

Rax - (Controller) Goliath Revenent Hexblade

Cat - (Defender) Human Weaponmaster Fighter

Blayke - (Controller/Striker) Dwarf Psion (Sometimes making appearances)

Nicki - (Striker) Human Rogue Scoundrel (Sometimes making appearances)

Vik - (Defender) Human Paladin of Kord with a bad attitude :)

Kallak Stoneshield (NPC) - Dwarven Cleric of Pure Awesomeness (Sometimes making appearances)

Ragnar Kallidan (NPC) - Human Warlock (AKA The Glass Cannon) (Sometimes making appearances)

Rayne - (Defender/Controller) Razor-Claw Shifter Druid (Deceased)

If you are interested and would be able to be a regular player every Friday, please email [masked]. Currently we have a full group, but I will keep a list and notify you as room becomes available.