What we're about

This is a group for biologically born Bisexual women who are having a hard time meeting other biologically born Bisexual women.

This group is for Bisexual women born with vaginas.

So I WELCOME ALL FEMALES, in that category, to JOIN US!

This group is about having fun, being comfortable in your skin as a Bisexual woman, and having positive experiences with other like minded Bi's. Life is way to short to sit around doing nothing and/or being miserable. So why not get OUT and have a blast while we are on this planet??!!! Let's go dancing, to the strip club, have potlucks, go eat....food, have a spa day, whatever! Maybe even just kick it by the pool and talk smack!

Let's get it going! ALL BEAUTIFUL BISEXUAL LADIES WELCOME! My only requirements are that you don't just sign up and never get out. Or RSVP and no-show. Please be active. You only have one life to live!

And this should go without saying, but please respect everyone within the group. We are all grown and should be able to respect others comments, thoughts, interests, ideas, etc. Disrespect is not tolerated and I will give you the boot;)

PS- I keep our visibility somewhat closed. Some people may not want all of their business accessed, so I prefer to respect everyone's privacy. I hope that's cool with you!

PSS- This is NOT a hookup, i.e., dating, group. We are platonic. HOWEVER, we are ALL grown. If you RSVP and come to an event, happen to meet someone and there's a genuine, mutual interest, that's between you and that person. Again, we are ALL grown. You never know who you'll meet. But If you sign up and I find out that you're soliciting someone, i.e., looking through member contacts and sending unwanted emails, you will be banned and reported to MEETUP headquarters. Believe it or not, some people just want to have fun and not have to worry about getting hit on;-) Also, if I find out that you are a man, you will be banned from the group. Thanks.

PSSS- Sorry. This group is only for biologically born bisexual women. There are other LGBTQIA groups that may meet your needs if you do not fit into this. I was born with a va-jay-jay. And I only know the plight of a woman that was born with a va-jay-jay. No disrespect to any other group. I'd like to focus on what I know;-)


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