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Scared to speak in public?
Our group meets the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays of the month. Some of us join our group as a place to practice for their public speaking engagements. Some join because they want to become professional speakers! The majority want to have more confidence when speaking in front of a group. Our peer evaluations provide the feedback members need in order to become an engaging communicator! We practice three types of speaking at our meeting. Prepared Speeches These are usually 5 - 7 minutes in length. This gives us enough time to evaluate the skills you have or are trying out. Every member of the audience has the opportunity to observe and tell you something that will help you improve or to say that what you did - worked! Evaluation Speeches A member volunteers to carefully observe your entire speech, form his/her observations into a presentation and, about a half hour later) present it to you and the group. This develops the skill of quickly organizing something to say. Impromptu Speaking We do this when we meet someone for the first time: at the dentist's office, during a business meeting or in an elevator. By practicing at our meetings, you learn to develop the skill of quickly thinking of what to say next. You can't learn these skills if you don't attend our physical meeting. PLAN to attend. PLAN your success as a speaker.

Porter County Community Foundation

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Are you in sales, training, HR or management? You have to speak in front of a group, or worse, a one-on-one presentation? An your stomach knots up, your palms get sweaty? We can help! Through a series of 10 projects, you will develop better communication and presentation skills AND get over that fear of public speaking. We are a non-profit business club so we may also be good for networking.

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