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Porteau Cove Starry Night Event

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There is something awe inspiring about seeing an image that captures the heavenly stars, a planet or satellite, and/or the movement of our earth within the amazing galaxy we live in! But for these kinds of photos one must be in lower light environments. Vancouver City is far too bright even at night, to capture the cosmos effectively. So a short (roughly 20 mile) drive past downtown Vancouver (up the Sea to Sky Highway) will take you to Porteau Cove, which is a dark enough area that we can capture atronomical dust and star trails. Who's in?

photo by Alexis Burkill Photography (

***The only important thing to watch for will be the weather. We will need a clear night so if the weather is not supportive I will postpone the event (I will update more on this later so make sure to check back closer to the event).

How Do You Get There?

Porteau Cove Provincial Park is approximately 45 kilometres north of downtown Vancouver, on the Sea to Sky highway. Click to see the location on Google Maps (,-122.9797627,39313m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x54865c7c8f723375:0xa6213708f42568d5?hl=en).

The entrance to the park is well signposted from the Sea to Sky highway, and is a left turn off the highway (Furry Creek Drive Exit). Upon making your left, you will cross over a railway track. Take a right into the large car park by the Jetty. The car park is approximately 300 metres from the highway.

***There are no public buses up to Porteau Cove so I would encourage anyone who has a vehicle to offer their spare seats to other members who don't have cars. I can take upto 4 others in my car beside myself (3 comfortably) and Kris has offered 3 spaces in his car. Please contact us if you need a ride!

What Can You Shoot?

The night stars (including star trails), the movement of the earth, astronomical dust, possible UFO's or satellites? and other long exposure landscape shots. The Jetty is useful for interesting perspective and foreground shots as well. And flashlights would make some interesting highlighted objects of interest as well.

Photo by Alexis Birkill Photography (

What Do You Need to Bring?

For this event you will need a tripod and a remote shutter release. Your camera should be able to handle 1600-3200 ISO to be effective and a wider angle lens is highly recommended. You will also be by the water at night so make sure to bring some warmer attire just in case it gets chilly. There are no coffee shops around so you may want to bring up a thermos of coffee or something similar to your liking!

To prepare for this event, one of our expert members, Alexis Burkill (, has generously offered his instructional guide ( to star photography. Check out the guide here ( And as you can see by his photos above, he's an expert on this subject, so we'll be glad to have him with us at the event !

The Walkabout

We will all be in the same general area in and around the Jetty for the entire event.

The Aim

The function of the group is to learn and practice the techniques of photography. This involves learning photography not only from your guides but also by sharing knowledge with your group-mates. The intention is also to organize and get to know new people. The attendant size of the meets will be small so participants can have the opportunity to get to know all their group-mates and spend time with a guide. If you select to attend a meet and then cannot make it, please be courteous to others in the group and change your RSVP status as soon as possible to allow others a chance to participate.

The Après-Meet

Please feel comfortable in posting your photographs and advising others; critical appraisal is helpful. What will also be appreciated are ratings and, especially, comments to individual meets and the group dynamic as a whole. This is important because it will ultimately add value to our meetings and improve our experience.