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RSVP: Due to the epic failure of the FCFS RSVP experiment (netting a record low of ~33% of RSVP's attending in the last meeting) we are switching back to the Pay-to-RSVP system. There are 50 seats, and if you don't RSVP you can still attend by showing up and claiming any seat still available after 6:45pm.


Clifford Hammerschmidt, P. Eng.


Building maintainable software is difficult. There are a few language independent techniques you can use to make your software product easier to maintain, and many techniques that lead to making it unmaintainable. I'll share some of my experiences designed systems, focusing on the ideas that resulted in easier maintenance of the resulting software product.

Meeting Format:

After the short presentation and Q&A session we'll do round-the-room introductions followed by open networking until 9:30pm.