June 1st VanSPUG Meeting

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A Taste of MYNT: Starting the journey to a Digital Workplace

Mathew Newton - Information Systems Specialist - Sunshine Coast Credit Union
Gerry Brimacombe - Principal Consultant - Lightlever Systems Inc.

Join us for this team talk with Client and Consultant continuing their collaboration. Mat and Gerry teamed up to replace an outdated intranet with something more up to date and future-proof. The project had tight timelines, many moving parts, and was a huge success.

Mat and Gerry will give an action-packed start-to-end overview of the learnings including:

⦁ Business drivers, requirements and options analysis,
⦁ Project management and control,
⦁ Design,
⦁ Build,
⦁ Migration,
⦁ User engagement
⦁ Operationalization.
⦁ Lessons learned

About Mathew
Manage the Management Information Systems department in a Credit Union. Responsible for Intranet, BI and CRM Portals. He has 25+ years of experience removing the friction around technology with skills in programming, analysis, project management and strategy development.

About Gerry
Gerry has been studying technology since 1981 and has a degree in Computer Science and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management. Gerry’s background in SharePoint training and consulting feeds his passion to improve business systems to save his clients money and allow them to work effectively from anywhere. Gerry is currently working on his first book, Practically SharePoint which is to be released late 2017.

A Group of Teams? Or is that a Team of Groups?

Sherman Woo

Are you confused by the what Outlook Groups are in Office 365? Are you curious about Microsoft Teams and how that compares to Slack? Where does Yammer fit in to all of this? Wait - what about SharePoint team sites!

This session will take a look at the ever-changing world of Microsoft's offerings within the collaboration space. We will explore possible usage scenarios for each. You will walk away form the session with more exposure to each offering, with the hope that it will give you a better sense of which you might want to explore more closely for your own situations.