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Restorative Ganja Yoga & Live Traditional Sound Bath w/Vince Cimo
Our last SLO event of the summer will be something of magic with our special guest, Vince Cimo providing a live traditional soundbath experience for our traditional restorative yoga, with Miho Watanabe leading. Utilizing a combination of traditional singing bowls, gongs and crystals, Vince will be crafting a sonic landscape that will keep us in a warm blanket of vibration. The aim will be to help induce a trance-like state, where you will be fully immersed in the meditation and peace of the yogic experience. Yoga and music are two of the most important aspects of Vince’s life and he finds himself honored and grateful to be able to fuse the two into an integrated experience for this evening. We will be providing our traditional selection of cannabis offerings including Vana Tisanes with their organic herbal blends as hot and iced tea for summer, baceae with their delicious organic food-first edibles, Bloom Farms with a variety of concentrate vape pens, Humboldt Apothecary and Treometry with their herbal high cbd tinctures, topicals from Life Elements, Topicanna, 805 Buddha Bliss and a selection of cannabis from Bloomfield and HWY 1 Organics, enjoyed through our vaporizer selection including Vapexhale. Students who prefer not to medicate are more than welcome to join as well! ********************************************************************* Event Details: $30/Person 7.00 pm: Vince Cimo Starts Performance as we Vaporize & Enjoy Cannabis offerings 7.30 pm: Begin Restorative Yoga Class 9.00 pm: Meditation and Herbal Tea provided by Vana Tisanes 9.00 – 10.00 pm: End Class (you may stay as long as you need) ********************************************************************* 1.We encourage you to purchase your spot ahead of time at BIT.LY/GANJAYOGA, which will guarantee your spot in the class. We will secure spaces for all those who purchase ahead of the event. We will then send you the address of the location as well as any additional information you may need to know. 2. If you would simply like to sign up now but pay at the door, that is an option as well! Send an email to [masked] with which event date you would like to attend and we will send you the address of the location. Unfortunately, this will not guarantee your space at the event, due to limited availability. If there is still availability on the day before the event, we will send you a confirmation email that ensures your space is still available, and you may pay at the door. 3. In either case, we will send a confirmation email to all verified attendees on the evening prior to the event. 4. On the day of the event, come to the studio with cash or credit (if you are paying at the door), driver’s license/ID, and your yoga mat. If you don’t have a mat, no worries, we will have one for you! Please note: *Space is limited, so once again we recommend purchasing your space ahead of time. *Must be 21 or older to attend *Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere near the premise, so if you prefer to bring your own cannabis, vaporizing and edibles only please.

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What we're about

There's so much stimulation in life it's easy to get side tracked with work, and random engagements, let alone keeping up with things at home. When we get wrapped in the everyday or in distant thoughts we can sometimes disconnect with the moment, our inner selves, and the sacred energy of our mother earth.

What was originally called Organic Yoga is now being reintroduced as Vanaspati Yoga. Vanaspati is a sanskrit word that refers to the entire kingdom of plants. Its literal translation is, "Lord of the Forest" and is known as a deity presiding over the forest with its thousand golden branches. As we start off classes again in new light, I'd really like to offer an opportunity of awareness and healing by grounding ourselves back to nature and finding our deep connection of Vanaspati within.

Vanaspati Yoga will take us outdoors in natural settings and/or deeply focused within ourselves with the loving integration of plants in some shape or form. There's something humbling yet powerful about our natural world that offers a sense of peace and tranquility. So when you pair yoga with this powerful presence of our mother earth, I believe it can bring profound effects of healing and the minimum, a moment to completely dedicate to yourself:)

So, I invite you to join me in Vanaspati Yoga to find your inner being and tune in with the cosmic memory of our mama earth!

Yoga classes will be Restorative, Yin or Hatha based, connecting breath with movement and ending most practices with mindful meditation. Meetups may include hikes that take us to mountain tops, oceans or underneath the full moon...just choose any event that sparks your interest! Hikes will vary on length depending on where the Meetup is, just watch for Meetup details as they come up! Classes are offered at reasonable prices based on the event and are available to all levels making it a good way to try yoga in an informal setting whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi.

I'm excited and honored to have this opportunity to share these experiences and am really looking forward to meeting other nature loving yogis!

Peace and love,


*Note: Please make sure your beautiful face is clearly visible in your profile pic so that we can get to know each other and so that I know who to look for at events - thank you so much!!!

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