What we're about

The goal of this group is to unite like-minded people and to help each other on the path of self-improvement, including mental toughness, physical health, financial advancement and freedom, relationships, as well as other important life issues.

The main idea of the Bulldog Mindset approach (developed by John Sonmez, whose YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/jsonmez is an inspiration to me) is to take responsibility for your own life and be tenacious in achieving your goals, not giving up when the going gets tough. This is opposite to the victim mindset, where people blame others and circumstances for their failures and unhappiness.

As opposed to many other personal development meetup groups, this group is NOT meant to promote a small number of paid seminars and events by one or a few leaders. Instead, ideally we will have a core group of enthusiastic organizers wanting to lead various free events designed to help people overcome challenges and achieve their maximum potential in life. This is not to say that events with a fee will never be allowed if they are deemed beneficial, but making money is not the goal here.

Also, while I greatly respect John Sonmez and believe that following parts of his approach has made a huge positive difference in my life, this group is not a cult of his ideas. Freedom of thought and expression is highly encouraged. As long as you don’t try to force your ideas upon other members of the group, you absolutely don’t have to agree with everything. What is important is that you have a sincere desire to improve yourself and help others do the same.

Various types of events can be promoted within the group, from members sharing their life problems and helping each other overcome them, to athletic events such as running or doing the Grind together with the goal of improving physical fitness, to potential or current entrepreneurs or real estate investors discussing their strategies, as well as many other types of events devoted to personal development.

If you want to improve your life and be around other cool people, feel free to join! There is no membership fee. Also, if you would like to organize events, please message me with your ideas.

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Weekly discussion for personal development

Cactus Club Cafe English Bay

First meeting – let’s get to know each other!

Cactus Club Cafe English Bay

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