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"The Relationship You Have with Yourself sets the Tone for Every Relationship You Have".

What's your relationship with yourself?

We can only learn about ourselves through relationships. There is an opportunity in every relationship if you seek for it. You are responsible for your personal dynamic, and understanding your beliefs, behaviors, and patterns can set you free. Who are you in your Relationships?

If you are curious, seek for pieces of advice, and are ready to learn more, you are in the right group.

This group is for women and men who are dedicated to improving their relationships skills.

A conscious relationship is a romantic liaison where both people feel dedicated to a sense of commitment towards growth. That growth includes the individual, the couple, and one which will better the outside world. Unconsciously, most people are in a relationship in order to fulfill their own needs. It can work for a while until the connection ends with disappointing results.

I will organize Live Meet up once or twice a month, which different topics. Feel free to send me any suggestions on what you think you need help with.

Let's meet, share, and grow together.

NB: You don't have to be in a relationship to be part of the group.

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