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Monthly social interaction discussions of bitcoins Alt coins Blockchains and crypto currencies for non technicals. We cover everything from startups in the crypto currency space, latest developments, mining, and current regulatory issues. All levels welcome, beginners ask the best questions and veterans have the best answers. Come meet like minded people who have deep knowledge of the bitcoin protocol are friendly and welcoming all in a great spot while we learn from one another.

We provide regular crypto analysis and crypto opportunities.

Every year we host the coinfest event where we bring in hundreds of bitcoiners and people curious about crypto to connect with one another and celebrate the cryptoworld and hear from local thought leaders and influencers.

We know that the crypto space is exciting but also comes with a lot of dangers from Ponzis, bearwhales, volatile days, pump & dumps and other hazards. Our community is based on facilitating knowledge and best practices to help one another find success in the crypto space. Our events range from casual pub nights to eduational presentation with experts in the area of trading, investing, mining, security, ICO, etc...

===========COMMUNITY DISCLAIMER==============

Our community believes in building an educated and well informed crypto user community and has presenters of different backgrounds speaking (We are known by many to be vigilant against unsustainable shit coins and ponzis.). The views expressed by presenters do not reflect the views of Vancouver Crypto Network team. From time to time you may be presented referral links (eg. to Coinbase or an exchange), you are not obliged to use them but using them can go a long way in supporting the costs and operations of running the meetup and keeping our events affordable and a way to thank the speakers.

===========TRADING DISCLAIMER==================

As the crypto space is rather new and volatile, even the "experts" can be wrong from time to time. The organizers are merely REPORTERS and CURATORS of information and not investment advisors. Most of what's presented are are summarized information from interviewing hundreds of people in the crypto space or guest speakers. We are more interested in sharing about what's happening in the crypto space and sharing the stories of different people in the crypto space. As crypto is volatile and risky, you are responsible for your own actions. Consult with your financial adviser if you require professional help.


Join our telegram group chat:


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