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Bringing Method to the Madness, with Andy Kirk of


Vancouver Data Visualisation Symposium 3: Andy Kirk, Bringing Method to the Madness.

In this talk Andy will explain the importance of following a design process in Data Visualisation. Finding an approach that brings organisation to your analytical and creative decision-making helps to achieve more effective results, more efficiently. To demonstrate his approach he will walk through a process narrative relating to a recent visualisation project, dissecting all the choices and describing their reasoning.

Sliding scale cost: $5-$50 (your choice)
For those that really love precision and/or certainty, the cost is exactly $15.00
Cash at the door OR
email money transfer to

Yes, of course you can volunteer! Email

Tuesday June 14th
6pm Doors open
630pm Start
10 mins intro
40mins Andy
20 mins Q&A
745pm Break out for mingle and socializing
9pm Doors close

Andy Kirk is a UK-based freelance data visualisation specialist: A design consultant, training provider, author, editor of, speaker and researcher.

252 East 1st Ave. · Vancouver, BC