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If you are new to the group, please make sure to read the full intro to see the requirements for joining...

The origins of the group.....

I'd been back in Vancouver 4 years when I started this group, after living in the U.K., and one of the rituals I really missed from across the pond was meeting up for drinks on a Friday, to unwind with friends after a long work week. I noticed that Vancouverites didn't seem to do this, so I decided to start up a social group in the hopes that other people who felt the same way might like to join me for a bevvie or two.

Suggestions for other activities are most welcome, as are suggestions for places to meet.

I'd like to try many different venues around Vancouver for this group (and keep everybody happy) but as a lot of places don't tend to accept reservations on a Friday night, going too far can be risky as far as securing tables.

And now the few house rules:

This is a laid back group, but we still ask that members PLEASE honour their "Yes" RSVP after the deadline. It's very difficult to organize large groups when people say they're coming and don't show up or don't RSVP and show up unannounced. Venues that take reservations tend to get very annoyed about this sort of behaviour and may not allow us to make reservations in the future. Let's also be considerate of others. When you say you are coming and don't show up, you have taken a spot away from somebody who was willing but unable to join us. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR RSVP as soon as you know you won't be coming (BEFORE the deadline) and give your spot to someone else. RSVP changes (from YES to NO) made AFTER the deadline will be considered a "NO-SHOW". After 3 NO-SHOWS, you will be removed from the group. Sorry if this seems harsh, but it's become necessary. On the flip side, if you decide after the deadline that you'd like to join us, and there's still room, you are more than welcome to. Just post a message and let me know you're coming.

If you can't make it until half an hour past the start time or later, please post a comment letting me know your ETA. It's only fair and considerate. I don't want to be sitting by myself for half an hour or more. If the reservation time needs to be adjusted, I can do that, but I need to know.

**There is an RSVP charge of $1.00 now in effect for each and every meetup event. It is expected that if you attend a meetup, you contribute. There will be a tin on the table for you to deposit your dollar. Meetup charges Organizers a fee to run our groups. We enjoy organizing these meetups for you, but we can't sustain the group on our own. We've held events almost every week for the last 5 years and we'd like to keep going. Please help us to do that.

This group is not a forum for marketing/promoting your business. This is a social group. Anyone found to be aggressively promoting themselves and harassing other members will be removed without warning.

We will NOT tolerate harassment or bullying of any kind. Anyone found to be engaging in this type of behaviour will be removed immediately.

There are three simple requirements to join the group:

1. Write a decent introduction.

2. Post a photo of YOURSELF (in which we can clearly see your face)- without anything covering ANY part of your face - INCLUDING SUNGLASSES. (this is for group safety reasons, not vanity - EVERYONE is welcome ;P) You can change your photo once we've met, if you wish. YOU WILL NOT BE APPROVED TO JOIN IF YOU ARE WEARING SUNGLASSES IN YOUR PHOTO.

3. Answer the profile questions (PROPERLY!...otherwise don't bother). They are asked so that we can learn something about you before we meet and also to gauge people's sincere interest in and motives for joining the group. We have a very good group and want to protect it, and the people in it.

Looking forward to making some new friends :) Slainte!

P.S. For anyone not familiar with the term, "Craic" (pronounced "Crack"), it just means fun! ..

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