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Enhancing Web Forms with HTML5 & CSS3

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This presentation will give an overview of the HTML5 Web Form features in a practical way and hopefully reassure you that it will be easier for developers to create awesome interactive web forms in the near future.

Topics will include:

How to implement some of the HTML5 form elements, input types and attributes into your website HTML5 form validation and fallbacks How to use CSS3 pseudo classes to style interactive states of form elements The goal is to make this presentation as practical as possible and hopefully stimulate a good discussion where the audience can share their experiences, thoughts and ideas.

If anyone else would like to present a lightning talk or demo, please leave a comment!



Dave Arthur is front-end designer/developer working for a Vancouver-based mining information company. Dave loves (most of the time) the challenges and creativity involved with introducing HTML5 and CSS3 goodness into the large variety of websites he works on.

Dave is also a big fan of Wordpress and creates custom themes and functionality for the websites he develops.

In his spare time, Dave tries to learn as much as he can about new front-end techniques. He also loves to ride his bikes.