Past Meetup

Steve Fisher and the HTML5 Unicorn

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Main Speaker: Steve Fisher (

Steve is the creative team nerd-herder at Yellow Pencil in Canada. He leads the charge on coordinating research, business analysis, visual and interaction design, and content strategy. On the global stage he's a sought-after speaker on topics like responsive web design, UX, open source, design thinking, and web process. He also loves twitter (@hellofisher ( maybe a little too much.

The HTML5 Unicorn is a completely made up phrase that the evil group organizers are using as a placeholder for what Steve is going to talk about. Steve speaks at conferences all over the world and is generally an interesting guy, so we think the unicorn will be equally interesting.

Lightning Talks

Static Site Generators: What are static site generators (SSG) and why should you care? Boris ( has been experimenting with different SSGs hosted on different platforms and will share what he has learned. Overview of Tumult Hype Tool - Ali Tavanayan: Using Tumult Hype, you can create beautiful HTML5 web content. Animations and interactive content made with Tumult Hype works on desktops, smartphones and iPads. Get Sassy in 5 minutes or less - Andrew "Pez" Pengelly ( preprocessors are the new hotness but many folks feel that getting setup will be as difficult and time consuming as catching a unicorn.With help from our magic elf friend Codekit,we will skip merrily through the flowery meadow of converting a preexisting CSS based site to Sass. I promise nothing but sunshine, rainbows and puppies for everyone! Testing JavaScript - John Boxall: The world's shortest introduction to integration testing, unit testing, qunit.js, Phantomjs, and continuous integration using Jenkins.