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Women in Hardware

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It is no secret that the Tech industry and STEM post-secondary education tracks remain male-dominated. The lack of diversity in some of the biggest technology companies, concentrated mostly in Silicon Valley, is becoming a regular feature in the news, while the demographics across small and medium-sized technology enterprises don't fare any better. A growing chorus of business leaders, VCs, influential investors, women entrepreneurs and engineers are all urgently calling attention to this gap and furthering ideas and conversations about how to address this issue. We hope you will join us in our own local conversation about how to encourage, attract, and retain talented women engineers, software developers, and scientists. We also hope to encourage local investors to create more opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

This Meetup is for everyone. Looking forward to another great evening of inspired discussion.

Speakers & Panelists:

Susan Prakash
Global General Manager for High Speed I/O at Amphenol

Susan has been making waves in technology and business for 20 years, starting out at Agilent Technologies as a staff engineer before becoming one of the youngest account managers at Rohde & Schwarz, a large multinational based in Munich, Germany. She has since joined Amphenol for the last few years growing to lead a $600 million business unit within the High Speed I/O connector group. She's lived in San Francisco and founded a technology community there to support women entrepreneurs. You will find Susan traveling back-and-forth to China and around the World, taking calls from top executives at billion dollar client companies in between jetting to warmer climates for R&R, taking her daughter to gymnastics classes, or hopping on dirt bikes for a trail ride. She works extremely hard, has pushed through many obstacles to achieve success in her career, and has a great deal to share with aspiring women engineers and entrepreneurs, as well as executives and managers in technology companies.

Maitrayee Dhaka

Sensor Systems Designer at Tesla

Maitrayee is passionate about product development. She designs, tests, and integrates sensor systems within Autopilot Hardware at Tesla, where she has worked for over 2 years, in Vehicle R&D, Advanced Development, and Sensor Engineering. Her experiences have provided her with a first-hand understanding of what it takes to ship hardware, and the challenges that arise at the intersection of domains.

Maitrayee grew up in India. She holds a BASc in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) from the University of British Columbia where she led the Solar car team, wrote for The Ubyssey, and was a member of Engineers Without Borders in Canada and India.

Cindy Gu
Founder at VITALI Wear

Cindy received her formal education in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, and has received the teaching of yoga from some of the best. Her unconventional background combining the external creativity of engineering and the internal search of yoga and meditation led Cindy to become an entrepreneur who defines her own path. As an engineer, yoga instructor and entrepreneur, the biggest problem she is inspired to solve is to integrate technology to better serve our mind and body.

Vitali Wear was formed with the vision of helping people live healthier and more authentic lives through technology. Vitali Wear makes smart clothing for the pursuit of mindfulness, products that bridge technology and wellness together. Their first product is a smart bra for women's everyday wellbeing. Inspired by yoga, their intention is to create products that fit into mindful lifestyles to promote calmness, contentedness, and resilience in a world that tells us otherwise.

Natalia Piedras

Head of Manufacturing at TZOA

Passionate about sharing her knowledge, she has been designing and providing workshops across all companies she has been a part of. Her love for understanding has always lead her to learn new processes, how to operate every piece of equipment on a SMT line, and numerous part-time roles across several industry departments.

In addition to her engineering career, she started an organization with her siblings known as “Conociendo Vancouver Org” in which they tackle the nuances of adapting to a new life in Canada. The focus is to provide resources to help Latin American immigrants settle into Canada using their native language.

Natalia is also passionate about filmmaking and is currently filming a documentary on Tiny Houses in British Columbia.

Angela May, P.Eng.
Mechanical Designer at MistyWest

Angela May is a mechanical design engineer at MistyWest. From cutting edge fuel cell research to neonatal infant monitoring devices to wearable environmental trackers, Angela has contributed mechanical design expertise, project management expertise, and corporate strategy insight that has helped MistyWest grow from a rag-tag team of a few engineers to a multimillion dollar product design consultancy with a global reputation. When technology companies with household names have a difficult challenge - they call MistyWest.

Angela holds a B.ApSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia. She joined MistyWest in 2012 and has acted as a researcher and client-facing project manager while supporting the development of the team structure, culture, and problem-solving strategy. She currently maintains a leading technical role at MistyWest and is also part of MistyWest’s executive team.

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