Setting Healthy Boundaries To Create A Loving And Caring Family


“Good fences make good neighbors.” – Robert Frost, from the poem “Mending Walls” (1914)

Boundaries is where we learn how to engage with our families without losing ourselves in others. It allows us to feel safe and secure in our relationships, knowing that what we have limits and that they will be respected. During the webinar, we will look at why we need healthy boundaries within our families, how to create inclusiveness within the family when a stepparent is involved, help members of the extended family understand their roles, and help everyone set healthy boundaries so that all may feel a part of it.

Speaker : Claudette Chenevert, known as The Stepmom Coach, works with stepmoms who are struggling to create a cohesive family life. Claudette, a Master Certified Stepfamily Foundation Coach helps stepmoms build and create strong and healthy stepfamilies by helping stepmoms focus on what they want as a woman, a partner and a parent.

Claudette has over 29 years of experience as a stepmom and 35 years as a mother. She understands what it’s like to be in your shoes and teaches the best strategies to make life as a stepmom more harmonious.

Claudette offers online support groups, self-study stepmom programs, and one-on-one coaching. Claudette also writes for Stepmom Magazine, has a blog and speaks on parenting platforms. Her book The Stepmom’s Book of Boundaries: How and Where to Draw the Line –for a Happier, Healthier Stepfamily? is available on Amazon.

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Overview & Takeaway:

The family is the place where we teach children how to be in a
relationship with other people.
Boundaries help us to feel safe and secure – details.
Understanding our roles in the family helps us to feel valued and
included – more in the webinar.

Bonus Gift

Cheat sheet on creating healthy boundaries

Who should attend
Women, men, parents, grandparents. People dealing with boundary issues within their relationships, especially if they are in a stepfamily and dealing with extended family issues.

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