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Star Trek through a humanist-feminist lens.

Gene Rodenberry was a noted humanist and his most famous series - Star Trek - is often held as a model of an ideal humanist society. The Original Series featured women and people of colour in prominent roles and one of television's first interracial kisses. Discovery was the goal of the star ship Enterprise and diplomacy rather than war was the preferred method of communication.

But how well does the series meet this ideal?

Jarrah Hodge, Vancouver based writer and editor of the blog Gender-Focus and creator of the Trekkie Feminist Tumblr ( will speak for us to discuss the intersection of humanism, feminism, and Star Trek.

All are welcome to attend. After about half an hour of coffee, tea, and socializing, we discuss topics of interest to our members. Keep up to date with our current topics at

The BC Humanist Association was formed in 1984 and many of our members are not on Meetup. We have a regular attendance of about 30 people at our Sunday meetings (rather than the small number who RSVP on Meetup).

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