• IT! Marketers! Bookkeepers! Join us for our Vancouver B2B group meeting!

    If you are a business sales person, who calls on other businesses, instead of the individual consumer or individual business owner, you will want to attend this meeting. Referral groups do not work well for some industries. That is exactly why i Take The Lead began putting together Business-2-Business Referral Groups. We are looking for Office Supplies Companies, Financial Advisor who works with Businesses, CPA, Bookkeeper, Web Designers, Merchant Service Providers & MORE! We do have several members already! If you'd like to find out how you can provide a 10-minute presentation about your business, come check us out! To Learn more about "I Take the Lead" website: http://www.ITaketheLead.com (http://www.itakethelead.com/) Bring Business cards and or promotional materials to share.

  • Looking for MORE referrals? Visit our Fisher's Landing Friday AM iTTL group!

    We help sales professionals/small business owners increase their referral based business while creating community one member at a time, one city at a time. Our groups work at maintaining a friendly, nurturing environment. You will want to check us out if: • You have belonged to a networking group before but felt it was a bit stuffy or regimented. • You are a business owner or entrepreneur and would like to increase the number of sales you have. • You are in sales and would like to increase the number of referrals you get. • You like the idea of having a supportive team while you are building your business. We have openings for a Chiropractor, health-related professionals, Bookkeeper, Banker and MORE!!

  • How to Work a Networking Event Workshop - Ronnie Noize

    DIY Marketing Center

    Must PreRegister and Pay: https://diymarketingcenter.com/Networking-Training Does self-consciousness, shyness, or simply not knowing what to do keep you cowering on the sidelines at networking events and parties? If you really want to make connections, there are three simple strategies that can bolster the confidence of even the most reluctant or nervous networker. In this fun and fast-paced training, you will learn: How to increase your comfort and confidence level even when you hate networking Who to talk to and what to say at every point in the meeting How to mingle--even if you don't know a soul at the meeting What: How to Work a Networking Event (Even If You Hate Networking) When: Friday, April 26, 2019 from 9:30-11:30 AM Where: DIY Marketing Center (inside the GVCC), 1101 Broadway, Vancouver WA 98660 How much: $25 (If you are an i Take The Lead paying member, contact Becky for your code so you can get $15 off) Must PreRegister and Pay: https://diymarketingcenter.com/Networking-Training

  • Marketing vs Sales - Where does Networking Fit In?

    Uptown Barrel Room

    Join us for an interactive presentation; Luke Adams, expert Networker and Marketer, will provide some great tips on how you can tweak your marketing & networking, which can lead to more sales.

  • How I Built My Business with Networking & Got 29 Clients in 42 Days with Ronnie

    Want to hear the whole story, the details, the strategy, the mistakes, and the lessons learned? Join us! You'll hear how Ronnie Noize, the Marketing Coach, www.diymarketingcenter.com built her coaching practice from zero to full in just six weeks, and how you can do this, too. WHY would anyone attend this presentation? Because this is a chance to hear exactly how a very successful marketing coach (six-figure practice) built her business from scratch with almost no marketing budget using a simple networking strategy that anyone can use. WHAT will you learn if you show up? * The one strategy that Ronnie used to attract and acquire 29 clients in 42 days. * The three major lessons learned in the process. * Plus get special access to the tools Ronnie used!