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Vancouver Integral Leadership Network (VILN) is a community of integrally-informed leaders and practitioners in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

The glue that holds us together is an appreciation of integral theory, which is essentially a map of reality (or theory of everything) based on the work of spiritual philosopher Ken Wilber.

We help our members develop a clearer understanding of integral theory, while supporting its application in our personal and professional lives.

The beauty of integral is its ability to embrace a broader and deeper understanding of the issues that face humanity.

The evolution of humanity--and consciousness itself--is accelerating, and integral theory provides the context in which to appreciate the challenge of disruptive change, and better support positive transformation.

VILN recognizes the four pillars of applied integral theory--growing-up, waking-up, cleaning-up and showing-up. By doing so, we help build better lives for ourselves, the people we love, and the wider community.

We are all in the future, together. Let's make it a good one.

Come join us, for change.

William Koty



To develop integral theory, Ken Wilber combined existing models and frameworks of knowledge, from the ancient wisdom traditions to modern science and postmodern theory, and added his own insights into levels of consciousness.

The result is an integrated map of reality combining the Great Chain of Being -- matter, body, mind, soul and spirit -- with the three great value spheres of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful (a.k.a. ethics, science and art), embedded in developmental and evolutionary theory, as well as states of consciousness.

Rounding out integral theory is the idea that the essential stuff of the universe are holons, which are whole-parts. Everything that exists is a whole, self-contained within itself, while also being part of a larger holon.

As a final touch to a theory of everything (all of reality), Wilber points out that holons reveal themselves in four dimensions -- subjective, objective, inter-subjective and inter-objective, known at the four quadrants.

Why is integral theory important? What does it mean for humanity?

Essentially, we are all in a state of growing-up, waking-up, cleaning-up and showing-up.

Integral challenges all of humanity to consciously co-create the continuing evolution of self and society!


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