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Are you… looking to improve your communication with a development team at work? Interested in building valuable skills applicable for your current and/or future career? Have a Start-Up idea? Wanting to create an app or website? Hoping to foster an interesting hobby to talk about on dates with smart people? Interested in coding in general?

This may be the place for you.

If you’re interested in picking up Java, this is definitely the place for you.


While I have been interested in learning Java for some time now, it seems that there are no viable Java training programs readily available for those of us with full time jobs. You know the kind of program I’m talking about – part time, mostly evening, geared towards beginners, and in the lower mainland. The only programs/classes I was able to find are full time, online (say that five times fast), part of a college/university degree, or simply too advanced and for experienced programmers.

With work, life, and everything else both work and life throw at me, an online course could arguably be the best possible option. But who else needs an excuse to meet like-minded people? Who else finds an in-class learning experience much more interactive, effective, and fun? Yeah, us too.


To create a Vancouver-based, in-class program, that is led by a professional and experienced Java developer with a curriculum tailored to the group’s needs, goals, abilities, and technology trends, for a fraction of the cost of the other currently available courses (or free).


So glad you asked. Based on recent conversations I have had with professional developers, and the information I was able to find online, my reasons are the following:

1. Java is the most used programming language;

2. On average, Java developers are the highest paid developers;

3. Java is generally considered to be superior to all other languages in its category (and who doesn’t love feeding their superiority complex);

4. It’s a “stand alone” language… which I still don’t fully understand the meaning of but apparently it’s important; and

5. Programmers that know Java can pick up most other coding languages quickly.

Sound good? We're ready when you are. Let's do this thing.

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