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Vancouver Location Analytics Meetup is for people who are interested in networking and learning more about location analytics. Let's call it LA for now.

At a high level, LA is about using location as a business strategy or major dimension of a business strategy. More specifically it generally involves attaching data to geography by way of the location elements within the data. So, give me an example.

What can I learn about my customers from where they live? Using address or postal code you can vizualize your customers on a map and get an impression of where they are relative to your service locations or campaign activity or other relevent locations. But more than this, you can enable analytics by linking your customer related data (such as total spend, lifetime value, RFM metrics, etc) to other data such as demographics, consumer segmentation, media and lifestyle information and other intelligence. You can now make better informed decisions about how to interact with your customers based on the enhanced analytics enabled through location.

Location Analytics supports many other things like retail site selection, marketing, distribution, service level monitoring, health care provisioning, real estate appraisal, wireless network planning, mobile consumer engagement, social media analytics, and many more things.

Let's get to know each other and learn and improve our skills and knowledge.

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