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Werewolf/Mafia @ Toby's
Note: Most attendees to this event do not sign up here so do not be discouraged from attending by the low number of RSVP's. We always get a solid turnout of at least 15 werewolf/mafia players by 7:00 and we're often playing other games like resistance/secret hitler before then. Every Monday night I host a board games meetup event at Toby's pub near commercial and broadway. We have the entire second floor of the pub to ourselves, so when you arrive just head upstairs to find our group. Although it's a general games event and people play all sorts of games werewolf is definitely one of the main attractions and you can always find a big group playing around the pool table between 7 and 10. That being said, if enough of you show up earlier than that (5:00 being the earliest) then we can definitely start earlier as well. Please make sure that you purchase at least one food and/or drink item to thank the venue for hosting us. An auto gratuity of 18% will be added to your bill. I look forward to meeting some fellow fans of the game! Please note that you must be aged 19 or older to attend this event. If you have any last second questions or even just want to confirm that i'm a real person and this is a real event (because i realize sometimes the RSVP numbers are pretty low on here, feel free to send me a text to[masked]

Toby's Pub & Grill

2733 Commercial Drive · Vancouver, BC

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Welcome to the Vancouver Mafia & Werewolf group. I made this group because i'm a huge fan of the game of mafia and i want to meet other people who love the game as much as I do. But whether you're an experienced player or have never played before, you're welcome to come check out some of our events and play with us.

If you've never played before, check out this short one minute video for a brief explanation of what the game is:

Werewolf as we play it is identical to mafia except with a changed theme. So instead of mafia you have werewolfs and instead of towns you have villagers.

Werewolf is an easy game to to learn but hard game to master. If you're new to the game or less experienced and looking for some helpful hints on how to play, here is a page on all the rules as well as some tips for how to identify the werewolf players in your midst: .

We will have at least one event every week and from time to time we will also play other social deduction games like resistance and one night werewolf. I look forward to meeting everybody!

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