What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in the science behind the Mind-Body Connection and the neuroscience behind FLOW STATE performance and well being.
I have been studying and practicing these principles for some years now, and would like to share this fascinating information for free in a fun and practical way with others who are ready take on these empowering principles and techniques.

I have training in tools which track and optimise the mind-body connection and would love to share these principles in a group environment in Vancouver.

Just register your interest and I shall start setting up some regular meetups appropriate for the group size :-)

In the interests of keeping these sessions free, if you know of an appropriate venue we could use for free (or at a low price, which we could then divide between the group) please contact me or post the information on the discussion board.

You can also join our Mind-Body Medicine group on facebook

House Rules for the Group:

1) Demonstrate love and respect to one another at all times

2) Stay focused on "doing" and taking ownership of your challenges

3) Have fun and enjoy the journey of creating deeper connections with yourself and others in a safe space

P.S. In the interests of all parties, posts that don't follow the house rules will be deleted, and those who do not abide by these rules will not be permitted to attend meetups

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