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Skii & Snowboarding at Cypress Mountian (Intermediate-Advanc​ed)

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The season almost finish Lets have Fun Day at Cypress Mountian practicing Skiing & Snowboarding:)

we will meet at 9:30am at Bear store just beside the Bear if you plan to be a bit late plz let me so we can meet when you get there.
for people who taking bus plz check this website:
Looking forward for this meetup!



All organizer(s) are volunteers who do not accept responsibility for rider safety and health state before, during and at anytime after this event.

Your Assumption Of Risk:

By agreeing to participate in this ride you acknowledge that ski, snowboard is considered a high risk activity and injuries are common and ordinary occurrence of the sport. These risks include and are not limited to equipment failures, weather conditions, collisions with natural and man-made objects, including, but not limited to exposed rock, trees, snow, ice, earth stumps and man made obstacles on or adjacent to the terrain, collisions with other skiiers, snowboarders, pedestrians, animals, et al; becoming lost or separated from the group; failure to ride safely or within your own ability, and you accept these risks and the possibility of personal injury, death or property damage and the loss resulting therefrom due to any cause and without limitation.In the event of injury or loss, you and/or next of kin waive all future claims against the organizer(s).

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  • Former member

    Former member

    Alaa, what happened?? Sorry to hear about the injury!

    5 years ago
  • Susi B

    I knew he shouldn't have posted that picture...

    5 years ago
  • Eric S

    Alaa suffered a bad injury today and will be in the hospital for a couple days then some time after that to heal. He was even then concerned about others' well being as he always is. Alaa we wish you a speedy recovery man. (I had accidentally clicked rating this making it 5 stars but anyway it WAS 5 stars up until that happened so maybe that fair.)

    5 years ago