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In an increasingly digital world that keeps telling us to be something other that what we are, many of us feel disconnected... from ourselves, others, and the world. This causes suffering from low confidence, poor self-esteem, shame, guilt, and core conflicts. The belief that "I'm not good enough," or "There something wrong with me," manifests in loneliness, isolation, relationship problems, career stagnation, and other chronic pain in life.

They say, "Just be yourself." Great advice, but how exactly do you do that?

This is a group for anyone who rejects the fake, pretentious insta-culture our society has turned into.
✓ It is for people looking for a safe space to look inside, discover who you are, and practice expressing it out into the world.
✓ It is for introverts and extraverts, spiritual and non-spiritual, shy and bold... and everything in between.
✓ It is for people passionate about authenticity, truth, and connection with others... or curious about what it means to live an authentic life that's aligned with your truest self.

You will be guided to explore your unique truth through lessons and facilitated practices designed to support self-reflection, self-acceptance, and self-expression.

All skill levels are welcome, so come get UNPLUGGED AND RECONNECTED.

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