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With its stunning locale between Vancouver's Downtown and the Port, Crab Park at Portside is a large, open space for everyone. Once referred to as Lucklucky, the Native phrase for Grove of Beautiful Trees, the area has evolved to become one of the largest Parks along the shores of the Burrard Inlet with dozens of interesting views to see from the piers and along the walkways that weave through the grassy meadows and trees along the Park.

Crab Park, nestled between the Downtown of Vancouver and the Port of Vancouver was established to create a Park on the city's northern edge along the Burrard Inlet. Renamed from Portside Park to Crab Park at Portside, the designation has little to do with the small creatures that scuttle along the rocks on the shore but instead stems from the acronym 'Create a Real Available Park' to provide a place for Downtown Residents to stretch their legs, sit in the grass or the beach and enjoy the views.

Along with its sweeping views of the Inlet, the North Shore, the Downtown skyline and the Port of Vancouver where onlookers can see barges and container vessels loading and unloading, the Park itself is an interesting site with many historical ties to the settlers in the area as well as the natives which preceded them. The area Crab Park is located on was once known to the local natives as Lucklucky, the word for Grove of Beautiful Trees and also served as a natural portage to False Creek as it was lined with swampy marshland. When settlers arrived, the area was cleared and became home to the Methodist Church mission in 1867.

Crab Park at Portside commemorates its history as well as those who have called the area near the Park home. In the 1990s, a monument was erected to remember the missing women of Vancouver's Downtown East side whose plights remain unknown. The Park today overlooks the Burrard Inlet, Canada Place, the Port of Vancouver and the North Shore offering a place for everyone to enjoy, creating the parkland the area needed for its surrounding residents amidst some of the most beautiful and iconic views in the city.

1) What should I bring with me? You will need a camera....It doesn't matter if you have a camera phone, a point and shoot camera or a Digital SLR, either one is fine. The important thing is to make sure you have charged the batteries and it is ready to go. If you have a DSLR, think carefully about what you will shoot, don't bring a whole backpack of lenses and kit, you will have to carry it for 2 hours. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, you will be walking for 2 hours and crouching down, bending over and getting into all sorts of positions for that one amazing be sure you are comfortable.

2) How do I get there? For transit

For information on downtown parking or

The route we are taking will be just over 2 hours and return us to this area. We will head west on Alexander Street to Main Street, turn left and walk along the bridge into the park....Following the photo-walk, we will go somewhere in Gastown for lunch or a snack, to chat about our experience and share photos.

AT ALL TIMES, PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF YOURSELF AND YOUR FELLOW PHOTO WALKERS, YOUR PROPERTY AND YOUR SURROUNDINGS! We will walk a predetermined route for approximately 2 hours, but we don't have to stay together as a full group all the time. You can pair off or go in threes. The idea though is to be within sight of each other and to share with each other what you are shooting.

After the walk, please feel free to share unto 8 (eight) images with the group..

Hope that you are able to join us....