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Are you a professional woman who is looking to better her skills by reading inspirational and motivational material? Do you currently read business books, articles, and magazines and have no one to discuss your ideas or action plans with? If so, please join the Vancouver Professional Women's Book Club where you will read books on business, self improvement, entrepreneurship, etc. and have a group of wonderful women to not only discuss the topics of the books but also be able to create action plans on how to incorporate the lessons of the books into your professional and personal life.

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Girl, Wash your Face - by Rachel Hollis

Needs a location

My apology, we typically meet on the second Monday of the month, but I will be out of town beginning February 11th. How about the Sunday before? This book was recommended by Vonie and I am looking forward to reading it! There are a number of chapters each focused individually on one of those areas in our lives where we might be challenged by the "shoulds" - please select one or two that speaks most to you and share this when we meet. I will update the location closer to the event - if you have a location you might like us to try, please message me through Meetup. Our last event was at the Sixth Street Bistro, lets try a new venue for this event and get to know another Vancouver restaurant.

The Power of Starting Something Stupid - by Richie Norton

Brene Brown recommended this book, and I am not going to ignore a recommendation from Brene! Scheduling this event early and will add details as we get closer. If you have thoughts regarding a Vancouver WA restaurant/gastropub/bar (that is not too loud) where this event should be held, send me a message through Meetup.

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Dare to Lead - by Brene Brown

Sixth Avenue Bistro

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