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This is a group for people who, more or less, were ignored by other students due to, for the most part, the conscious choice to not wear trendy clothes and the conscious choice to not use slang words in high school. This is a group for people who had average or even above-average social skills, but, for one reason or another, chose to stay away from the popular, mainstream crowd of students. The purpose of this group is to share similar stories with people who were also either the most unpopular or one of the most unpopular students in their entire grade/year.

This will be somewhat of a "support group" for nerds, but I don't think the term "support group" is quite right, because some people might perceive that term to imply that being a nerd is a disease that needs to be cured. Rather, this is a group for people who are voluntary nerds and who were voluntary nerds in school to get together and share laughs about how ridiculous some of the comments we received from well-meaning but hopelessly naive classmates were. For example, we can laugh about how we may have been cooed over by do-gooder classmates who honestly believed that because we kept our natural hair color, we MUST have parents who are struggling with low-paying jobs, and are thus unable to afford a bottle of platinum blonde hair dye. Or maybe we can laugh at recounting the story of someone who kept on sending us emails of links to articles about Asperger's syndrome because we didn't have any facial piercings, tattoos, or blue dreadlocks, and so we MUST not know how to make ourselves look cool and fit in (because there could be no other reason a person wouldn't get a tattoo, right?). Or maybe you chose not to go to the prom because you knew you didn't want to be around a certain individual you had unreturned romantic interest in (who was just as unpopular as you were), yet teachers would ask you if it was because you couldn't afford it, or classmates would say "awwww!" and "I know what you're going through right now", because they automatically assumed that it MUST be because you want to be friends with obnoxiously loud and immature classmates whose IQs, values, and pastimes/hobbies are vastly different from your own. This is not a place for people who were hipsters, goths, hippies, or punks in high school, nor is this a place for people with autism, as there are already many social groups in the region that are specifically for people with autism. Likewise, unlike other nerd groups, this is not a place to get together to play video games, board games, role-playing games, cosplay, conworld, LARP, have a LAN party, code/computer program, discuss physics, chemistry, math, futurism or medieval history, watch anime, read manga, sci-fi, or fantasy novels, do curling, grass hockey, cross-country running, or any other sport that is associated with nerds. Those groups already exist. It's OK if you aren't interested in any of those things, because this is more a group to get together in a circle while drinking beverages and eating snacks while sharing funny stories and getting understanding. We may have structured debates on topics that are controversial in the Nerd community. We might also watch certain movies and TV shows that feature strong, voluntary nerds, such as Mark Weiner from "Welcome to the Dollhouse", Saffy Monsoon from "Absolutely Fabulous", Daria Morgendorffer from "Daria", Max Fisher from "Rushmore", Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons", Andrew Silver from "Wife Swap", and Geeky Computer Guys from "South Park". We may also, from time to time, have discussions centered on books, peer-reviewed academic journal articles, news pieces, and magazine articles written about nerds. The work of pro-Nerd thinkers such as Marybeth Hicks and Ellen Spertus, and social science academics such as Mary Bucholtz, Lori Kendall, Penelope Eckert, and David Anderegg may also be discussed. It's OK if you've never heard of any of those academics, or if you refuse to read a peer-reviewed article. Just be aware that some members may mention those names during meetings. I'm mentioning those names so you can know what type of group this is. This group is non-partisan, so we welcome both conservative and liberal perspectives on the nerd experience. We will have some meetings in the city of Vancouver, and if there is interest, in other cities throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

Personally, I don't care if you have no photo and if you use a fake name, but you do need to be 18 years of age or older in order to join.

As of now, it seems like more than 50% of applicants have difficulty answering the one question asked to obtain membership. More than one person seems to think that it is good enough to just write the name of the city in which they are currently living as adults. I don't care where you are currently living. You don't need to tell me where you are living right now. You also don't need to tell me where you were born, or where you attended elementary school. I don't care about those things. I've also noticed several people thinking that just because they attended school as an adolescent outside the Greater Vancouver area that they are exempt from answering the question. You are not exempt; actually, you may be surprised to learn that most people who live in Vancouver didn't attend school in Vancouver. You will actually bump into people who weren't born in Vancouver, believe it or not. Shocking, I know. Also, if the city in which you attended school in as an adolescent had more than two schools, it is necessary to give some extra geographical info in order to narrow it down a bit. Just writing the name of the city isn't good enough (unless you went to school as an adolescent in some small town that only had 1 or 2 schools for adolescents).

There is only one question, but the majority of applicants seem to think it's rocket science. It shouldn't be that hard to answer it! Really!

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