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    I am John Weaver. I started running when I was 67, 3 years ago. I like running, XC Skiing, Hiking, Kayaking, and beer.
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    Howdy! I'm Jimmy. No Shoes = No Problems!
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    I don't drink beer, so I'll be chugging milk instead.
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    I'll be the guy in the front of the group making a trail of sweat to follow.
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    Welcome to the Running Fam! Where moving feet & a warm smile and a beer are always waiting to welcome you!
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    I have been running with RGC since the early days and am proud to be a co-organizer so i may give back to this amazing group. I also love great beer and play the guitar.
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    Hey there!! I'm a running newbie & in need of some running peeps :)
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    Looking to meet other runners
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    Science teacher, father, inconsistent runner
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    Love good beer. Always love running.
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    My name is Jon and I started running about two years ago. I formed this group because I haven't seen a lot of running groups that cater to the Vancouver area here on Meetup.