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Welcome! This is a group is for you, if you can't sleep or sleep poorly and you are looking for solutions/ways to improve your sleep.

Inability to sleep in another way for the body to say that something is wrong. You might be guessing why you are not sleeping. Getting to the root cause of your sleeplessness is a must in restoring your sleep health.

Join if:

1. You can’t sleep at night or sleep but wake up feeling tired and unrefreshed.

2. You want to understand the science behind your sleep and obtain scientifically informed strategies you can use to improve your sleep.

3. You want to acquire practical strategies you can apply immediately to improve your sleep so you can boost your productivity and wellbeing

4. You are open to a holistic approach that combines sleep science, scientific analytics and lifestyle evaluations, counseling, coaching and mentoring towards optimal sleep health-I don't prescribe sleeping pills.

Maybe you feel that you have tried “everything” but you are still tossing and turning in bed struggling to get at most 3-6 hours of sleep a night. My events will explore the following topics and more:

>What mineral deficiencies can cause severe sleep problems and what to do

>How nutrition, gut health, hormones, and thyroid health impact your sleep and tips

>Other scientific reasons why a person might be doing everything but still unable to sleep and what can be done about it

>How to improve sleep to boost energy, work performance, and productivity

>How to calm your mind so you can fall asleep faster

>How to improve sleep to increase lean muscles and reduce body fat

>How to feel more energized and refreshed on fewer hours of sleep-sleeping smart

>Why poor sleep quality depresses brain function and leads to poor work performance

>Individualized answers to your sleep science questions from a sleep expert.

So if you are you a Vancouverite who likes to learn while making unforgettable connections with others, this is an exciting opportunity to build community, meet new people while acquiring practical tips to help you improve your sleep.

I look forward to meeting you,

Joselyne John RN, Sleep Science Coach/Educator.

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7 Strategies to calm your mind to fall asleep faster

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