What we're about

A warm welcome to those interested in true spiritual awakening, liberation, and integrated enlightenment. Meetings offer clear, in-depth guidance and support for awakening, lively discussion about truth, and can answer any questions, confusion or concerns you have about the spiritual journey and enlightenment.

If you want to find out more or go further and deeper in the spiritual quest, are searching and feel something is still missing, or want to deepen and stabilize an awakening you have already had, please join us.

For those who are interested to continue with the spiritual work beyond the meetup group meetings, additional one-on-one private sessions or small group sessions are offered in Vancouver, or by phone or Skype internationally.

The meetup group and private ongoing work is offered by experienced teacher of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, Lesley Skylar. Please visit my website for more information, and to find a number of pointers for enlightenment. http://www.lesleyskylar.com

Lesley Skylar’s work is described as having Zen like clarity and transformative power.

“As a teacher, I am simply the voice of your own deepest being, your highest possibilities, reflected back to you. A clear mirror, reflecting back to you, your own most authentic true nature.”

~ Lesley Skylar

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