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Chakra Flow Yoga; Rediscover your Personal Power

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This weeks class focuses on the energy of the 3rd Chakra. If you need to discover or take back your personal power, this is the Chakra to learn about and purify. Rediscover a positive sense of self, increase your digestion, concentration and ability to become more decisive, playful and humourous. If you frequently have tension in the belly, easily become angry, bossy or impatient, or you lack self esteem/control, the techniques taught in this class will be of great benefit to you.

Chakra Flow Yoga is a therapeutic, meditative and life changing form of yoga with a foundation that is firmly set in the Hatha Yoga Tradition and rooted in ancient Tantric techniques that are rarely taught in most Western yoga classes.

This 10 week course will completely overhaul your energy centres and give you practical tools to use on and off the yoga mat. This class is for people who would like to get to know themselves on a deeper level, feel stuck in their life, have difficulty loving themselves as they are, lack motivation or are constantly indecisive. Learn how to use yogic tricks & tips to speed up digestion & metabolism, practice precise postures that restore a youthful glow and reverse the effects of ageing and learn ancient Tantric techniques to increase and purify sexual energy.

You will learn to use the energy that is already within you to become more creative, sensual, self aware, loving, powerful, controlled, present, stable and passionate. This course gives you the tools you need to balance and stabilize Anger, Fear, Depression, PMS, Fatigue, Anxiety, Menopause, and Physical Toxicity so you can have the vitality and inner peace you need to live the life you want to live.

This is a relaxing yet energizing class with a slower pace to give you time to fully release into each posture to help revitalize your body and calm your busy mind. This course teaches you to consciously focus your mind and surrender your tension to each breath while letting go to become fully present to each moment. You will learn how to tap into the energy within your Chakras and move it from one place to another which will help to awaken kundalini energy; a latent energy source within your body that helps you attune to the earth energies and the cosmic energies of the universe.
Each class builds upon the next to help you experience the full therapeutic benefits of a class that is tailored to meet your unique needs and abilities. This course has been designed to be practiced by people of all abilities, all fitness levels and all age groups.

Classes are once a week every Wednesday starting Jan 9- March 20, from 5:30-7:00pm at the West End Community Centre @ 870 Denman Street. It is $118 for the full course (10 classes) call or Drop-ins are welcome for $14 per class (space permitting). To register, please call[masked] or register online at the course code is[masked]WE.

We will begin with a brief synopsis of the Chakra we are working on, followed by a short lecture. The main component of each class is the Yoga posture practice that uses the techniques and teachings from the lecture. The class concludes with long relaxing 10-15 minute guided Savasana to help properly restore and harmonize your activated energy centres. Detailed notes are handed out and a group Tapas is encouraged each week to increase self esteem and self discipline.

Topics covered in class:
Proper techniques and concentrations for over 50 yoga postures with detailed diagrams and handouts so you can practice at home, definitions of Yin & Yang and how they relate to your Chakra system, What are Chakras, Mudras, foods to balance each Chakra, specific Crystals to works with, scents/oils to work with, activities to help unblock each chakra, breathing techniques, Invocations, Chanting, specific Meditations to awaken and energize each energy centre, Affirmations designed to work with each Chakra, Sanskrit definitions and proper pronunciations, physical symptoms of a blocked /excessive Chakra, Astrological Signs associated with each Chakra, Poetry to help you get deeper into the emotion of a chakra, Trance Dance, states of consciousness of each Chakra, Laughter Yoga, the art of surrender and letting go, the difference between love vs possession, partner yoga, Sun Salutations, Mauna, 8 limbs of yoga, an entire class will be dedicated to Yoga Nidra the yoga of sleep, Learn how to access Akashic records, develop your intuition, activate pineal and pituitary glands, learn how to quickly burn through negative Karmas, explanation of the Nadis and how they relate to Chakras, Mantras, Mental concentration techniques, understanding the Bija Mantra for each chakra, Synchronicity, how to tap into your Kundalini energy, the role of Shiva & Shakti, Yogic Detoxification techniques, how to relieve menstrual difficulties & menopausal symptoms, how to release sexual blockages & become more sensitive and sensual,

*handouts covering the above topics will be given out in each class

Patricia Morrison E-RYT (500+ hour Yoga certification)
Has studied numerous styles of yoga over the past 15+ years and has taught and trained throughout Canada, the U.S. and Asia.