Every week on Wednesday until December 12, 2019

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Meditation at the Vancouver Buddhist Temple.

Meditation is easy to learn if you are well taught by someone with a lot of experience. You will be brought along a little bit at a time with lots of feedback.
"Your thoughts create your Reality." (Seth) Your life is not satisfactory? Change your thoughts. It is by meditating that you learn to do that. By changing your thoughts, you change your Reality.

You will be introduced to classic techniques from Buddhism and Advaita. Mantra will be the foundation but you will also experience the "Direct Path" from Advaita, Dzogchen and "A Course in Miracles." Enlightenment will be your focus. Don't know what that really is? You will find out.

Homework each week: Practice. You should quickly start to notice a change because you will now know what to look for. "Enlightenment" and "Mysticism" are simply words that describe something that could happen if you get out of your own way (control your thoughts) and let it happen.

All meetings will be held in the beautiful shrine room of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple. Yes, the temple is in the "Downtown Eastside". But, of course, you live in the present. Therefore, you have no past and, with no past, you have no Karma; no fear. The elimination of fear is one of the primary attributes of "Enlightenment". Start now!!!

There is underground parking at the Vancouver Buddhist Temple. The entry is off the west-bound left lane of Powell Street. Nose up to the garage door and you will be let in. Or, press the lowest button to the left of the door. Please arrive before 7:00 pm for entry. There is also lots of on-street parking. Coming by bus? There are many buses. Get off at the Jackson Street bus stop on Hastings. We will arrange rides home.

Patrick has been teaching meditation, Buddhism, "A Course in Miracles" and courses about mysticism for over 35 years. He led the Granville Island Open Circle for 8 years.

5 Wednesdays; Nov 13 - Dec 11
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
This is a drop-in; one evening at a time.
Cost: A donation to the Vancouver Buddhist Temple which is kindly hosting this event. Reminder: It is expensive to operate a large temple and we will be using their light and heat.
The instructor is donating his time because this is really important!