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Vancouver is the Sushiest City!

Meet People interested in Sushi & Japanese Dinning Out on Weekends in the Greater Vancouver Area. Discover new restaurants, enjoy delicious meals and make new friends with friendly people.



0) Your Profile - Who are you?
Group members would like to know you. When you apply you should use a meaningful name and a photo that shows you or something very significant about you. You should also answer the questions in a meaningful way and introduce yourself. Profiles with random photos, ambiguous names and/or no introduction are no longer acceptable and will likely be declined!

1) RSVPs
If you RSVP "yes" you are expected to show up at an event at the set time. In case you cannot make it, please update your RSVP as early as possible. We need a correct head count because we have to let the restaurant know the number of guests 24h before the meeting!

2) Event Descriptions
Read the WHOLE event description including the location details and look at a map like Google maps. This will help avoid questions like "When is it?" or "What restaurant?"

3) Respect Others
Everybody should be comfortable here! We are all friends in this group, and some even more than others. However, we meet to eat and chat, nothing more. On rare occasions some members have misinterpreted friendliness as romantic interest and the absence of rejection as consent. Please inform the organizer if you feel you are being approached in an uncomfortable way or being "stalked" or pushed into giving your phone number, contact details, email address, Facebook name etc. If you observe such behavior, please inform us as well.

4) Multi Cultural Environment
Asian cultures are highly respected and admired all over the world. This is the reason why some people travel there and learn the language. And this is also part of the reason why people join this group. Due to the differences in cultures there can be a large number of misunderstandings - some funny, some not so funny. Please be aware that your jokes, opinions, eating style, voice level or clothing might conflict with some traditions or might not be understood. Try to blend in, ask - politely - and learn. That's what makes our meetings so worth while.

5) Advertisements / Solicitations
We protect our members from advertising. Do NOT use our meetings for personal gain. If you try to meet this group to advertise a business opportunity, sell a product or service or have any other commercial interest you will be kicked out. No sugar coating here. It has happened before, and we will do it again.

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