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Tantra Sexuality Workshop – Deepening the Dynamic

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Price: CA$650.00 /per person

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Enrich your relating with the opposite sex in this experiential workshop. Feel more connected to your body and your lover using these incredibly simple and powerful techniques. Singles and couples welcome. “. . . your being blossoms and opens all its petals and releases its beautiful fragrance.” Osho
The definition of Tantra is "to weave." The first part of this journey will be to re-discover yourself and every strand of you. Our workshops are a journey into reclaiming pleasure and enjoyment in the body, by embracing and honouring all aspects of who we are now and who we can become.
Part of the essence of Tantra is to allow every cell of your being to feel the love, to recognize yourself as divine - even the most challenging aspects. Then we will delve into our personal desire (with respect to everyone's boundaries). Yes, I did say DESIRE! When we allow ourselves to fully explore desire, we allow the freedom to be, without judgment. Only then can we fully accept our self and others, in our purest form, and learn the lessons we are hear to witness. • Be in your body and in the moment with each other every day
• Support your lover to surrender to pleasure
- Use the energetics of masculine / feminine polarity for a deeper connection

• Improve your communication inside and outside the bedroom

• Activate a deeper level of sexual energy to nourish your spirit
- Play with energies of passion and surrender in lovemaking

• Experiment with foreplay and afterplay that opens your lover
Recognize the potency of sex as a means to actualize your intellectual, emotional and creative potential. Begin or expand your Tantric knowledge during an intensive weekend of practical advice, fun exercises and theoretical discourse.
• Become a better lover; learn the subtleties of the of our lover
• Discover your orgasmic potential and experience more pleasure than you ever thought was possible
• Men learn techniques to last longer and become multi-orgasmic.
• Cultivate more pleasure, passion, sexual virility and empowerment in your daily life
• Learn Tantric love-making and massage practices, tips and techniques
• Deepen intimacy, connection and love with your partner
• Exercises, practices, visualizations and short meditations for individuals, couples and the group
• Ending in a Tantric ritual
“Clothes on” – No nudity or demonstration

Exercises and handouts are given for later individual and couple practice.
Vegetarian Lunch included
Dates: June 3 - 4, 2014
Time: Saturday & Sunday 10am to 6pm
Location: Vancouver, BC

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