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A casual poker tournament geared towards members of the Vancouver technology, gaming and esports communities. Nothing super serious, just a way for members of the Vancouver tech/gaming/esports communities to kick back, get to know each other, and try to win eachother's money. Players of all skill levels welcome.

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Poker Night (Online)

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If you're into esports, gaming or tech check out or next online poker night on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at 7 p.m. PST. Instructions to join below:

Download the desktop version of Pokerstars (doesn't work on mobile unfortunately). On the bottom right click More>Home Games>Join A Club. Enter Club ID: "#[masked]" and invitation code "poker123" (small "p"). We buy in using Pokerstars play chips, everyone e-transfers winner their money after the game.


Game structure: $15 buy-in, up to two re-buys for $15 each allowed in the first half hour. The pot is split 80%/20% among the winner and second place. We settle up by etransfer/Paypal after the game (I send an email announcing winners and payment instructions).

EXCEPT: If there are 9 players or less, winner takes all, and here is also a bounty system, where each person you knocked out pays you $5.

Any questions please let me know by DM.

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Poker Night (Online)

Online event

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