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Let's sketch in a disposal bin! No, really.

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Spectrum Tower 2

668 Citadel Parade · Vancouver, BC

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Uhm, yeah, I will be in the bin.

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Here's the mystery revealed: I have set up an unusual sketching session for you. Some of you may have heard of Julien Thomas, social artist. His website is here: I ran into him when he was occupying a traffic circle in my neighbourhood bike route over a year ago and had a cup of coffee with him in the traffic circle. His social art is to reclaim or create public spaces.

We've stayed in touch, and he told me he has a new project on the go: "Park-a-Park is a pilot initiative to transform a roll-off disposal bin into a mobile community space. The bin will be dropped at various locations throughout Vancouver over the summer of 2013, acting as an open space to convene and catalyze community initiatives. Park-a-Park is an open invitation to reimagine our relationship to streets and the public sphere."

The bin is the "park". It has been sitting in the Commercial Drive area for a week or two, but has just been dropped at its new location beside Spectrum Tower 2, 668 Citadel Parade, located above the Costco downtown, between the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts.

There are a couple of steps to get into and out of the bin. I think it's nicely outfitted, unless passersby mistake it for a rubbish bin when it sits empty and start throwing their litter in there. But I think the Spectrum Tower security will keep an eye on that. There are seats and an umbrella inside the bin (I will post a picture). There is only space for up to 12 people, but I will make this RSVP for 16 people total, knowing that some people don't show up last minute. Plus, I know you sketchers. Some of you will want to climb out of the bin and sketch it from the outside, with its occupants. For once we will be the attraction. I hope you're OK with that. There should be stuff to draw around us, although it faces a metal wall on one side.

But this could be a fun experience for us, and to get a bit more word out about urban sketching.

The bin is available to us for the next 2 weeks or so. I will probably set up a couple more sessions in the bin, so that other sketchers have timing options.

If any of you want to set up a session in the bin for this weekend, anytime Saturday or Sunday should work, even if it interferes with our other meetup. I just can't do another session myself on the weekend.

Labour Day weekend is also an option, but again, I will likely be away and someone else would have to set it up.

See you in the bin on Friday!