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VWP kickoff event, James (Mozilla Labs) & Alexandrine (HootSuite) speaking

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Please join us for May's kickoff event of Vancouver Web Performance. This is going to be an exciting start to the meetup with James Burke, senior engineer at Mozilla Labs and maintainer of RequireJS speaking on performant mobile web apps and Alexandrine Boissière, senior engineer from HootSuite explaining how to rev up static assets using Grunt.

First speaker: James Burke

Title: Owning the performance of mobile web apps

Abstract: Creating a single page web app can help performance: the UI can be local and work offline. This talk will give you a survey of some performance-minded options for mobile web apps on different platforms, including Firefox OS, the web-first mobile platform.

About James Burke:

James is an open source web developer at Mozilla Labs. He spends his days hacking on cool web apps for Firefox OS. He is also the maintainer of RequireJS, a JS module loader, and volo, a package manager for front end code.

Second speaker: Alexandrine Boissière

Title: Revving up your static assets with Grunt

Abstract: At HootSuite we release at least twice a day. To make sure our users download the last versions of our static assets, we used to rely on a very simple and efficient cache-busting technique: on every deploy, our static assets were uploaded into a new "static version" folder. It worked just great but it also meant our users had to re-download images, scripts or stylesheets that didn't change between releases instead of being able to use their cached version.

That's why we decided to improve our web performance by versioning our assets on a per file basis - even if that file is a bundled collection of other files (I'm looking at you, js and css). In this talk I'll show you how we did it using Grunt, an in-house plugin and Less.

About Alexandrine, a romantic from Paris and a senior engineer with HootSuite for two years:

Alexandrine Boissière is a Senior Software Engineer at HootSuite. She started taking a real interest in web performance while participating in a webperf contest in 2010. When she was the winner in the "Smallest number of requests & Kbytes" category, she realized there was a way in this world to lose weight without having to deprive herself of croissants and cookies.