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This is a group for widows and widowers of all ages from the Lower Mainland, who are past bereavement and want to get out, make new friends, have some fun and re-start their lives. Our common experience of losing one's "significant other" makes it easier to relate to one another, resulting in a social setting where we don't feel so out of place. This is intended to be a social support group, rather than grief support, but if anyone is going through a difficult time, the support of those who have been in the same position will help. By getting out again, meeting new people and being involved in social activities in a supportive environment, it should be easier to learn to adjust to a new life and move on. This isn't a "hook up" group, this is about connection and friendship and fun. We are an inclusive group, LGBT friendly, spiritual but non-religious. Life's too short and too precious to waste time being judgmental.

The social aspect of the group has evolved. Many of us have found that our individual circle of friends has enlarged in a meaningful way. As well as attending the group activities we are developing closer friendships; for example it’s wonderful to be able call someone at short notice and say: "Let’s grab a meal, hang out and chat."

RSVP Etiquette: Please don't RSVP "yes" to an event unless you are a definite yes. If a personal emergency arises please notify the host asap; by text if you have their phone number is the best method.
We do understand that you may become ill and may not be able to attend, but if you RSVP yes, please give it your best effort to come. Occasionally you may be going through a bad patch in your grieving process, but remember, it can be good to come out and have your spirits buoyed by others who will care and understand. If you want to vent how you are feeling that’s fine – that is what the Meetup is for – to make friends with people with similar backgrounds who can help you through tough times, people who are neither scared of nor embarrassed by your tears. You will probably make us cry too, and we are used to that.

There are some requirements for VWSG membership:

- You are required to use your first name, not an alias.

- Use a current photo of your face so we can recognize you. Pictures of artwork, children and scenery are not acceptable. If you are uncomfortable with this, please message the organizer regarding your concerns, as we can make exceptions.

- Our intention is to have an active vibrant group with a high level of member participation. If you signed up, but on further review of the information now available to you, you do not anticipate attending meetings, please leave the group.

- Please do not contact members directly by messaging them unless you know them personally or have met them at previous meetups. If you do get messaged by someone in the group that you do not know, please send a copy of the message to the organizer. This is considered inappropriate and that member will be removed from the group.

As of January 2020 we will be charging annual Membership dues, as do a number of other Meetup groups. (The Meetup organization charges the Group organizers US$99 every 6 months.)

- Anyone who attends more than one of our Meetup events will be asked to pay $10 per year. You will be asked to pay this when you attend the second meetup.

- Newcomers won’t be charged – we want them to try it out first with no obligation.
$10 can be paid to Gita or Nicky when you attend an event. Please ensure that we record it on our list

- Important: Once you join up, please take a moment to review your mailing list preferences for this Meetup group. Go the the VWSG home page, click 'My profile' in the top navigation bar, and click the link to 'Email settings.' Once there, choose which activities to receive email notifications for by checking or unchecking the boxes displayed. You can change your Mailing List settings by choosing whether you would like to have the Lists emailed to you as they are sent out, consolidated into one daily email, or opt out of Mailing Lists entirely. Please do not opt out of mailing lists entirely. When we post new meetups you will be sent an e-mail notification about it. Sometimes we send out e-mails from the organizers regarding changes or new exciting plans. If you don't receive these e-mails you may feel left out and confused! If you opt out of receiving the e-mails, you may as well leave the group.

- Check the Meetup website regularly, just in case you are not receiving the notifications. If you find that Meetups are being posted and you are not being notified, please message Nicky about it. Be aware that you do not need to receive an e-mail notification to RSVP to a Meetup - just go to the website and RSVP.

- Please note that if you have had no contact with the group for 12 months (this includes attending meetups, or messaging/talking to the organizer within the last 6 months) you will be sent an e-mail warning that due to your inactivity you will be deleted from the group membership.

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