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Are you an eCommerce business owner? Are you a professional Amazon FBA or eBay seller? Are you still thinking about opening an eCommerce business? Having an amazing new eCommerce related start-up? Let's get together!

The Vancouver eCommerce Events meetup group is a perfect place for organizers to suggest their own events and for attendees to always stay in touch with the last Vancouver and global news and trends. The group aims to be the home for individuals and organizations interested in creating, building and growing eCommerce related businesses in the the Greater Vancouver Area. Our goal is to create a supporting community for eCommerce entrepreneurs and service providers where they can meet, network and brainstorm new ideas, while socializing with like-minded people from the area.

Who is it for?
Retailers, online sellers, Amazon/FBA/eBay/Sears/Bonanza professionals, online stores based on Shopify / Wordpress / Magenta and other online platforms and anyone with an interest in learning more about eCommerce and selling online.


• Creating and running an online business

• Analytics & Reporting in eCommerce

• Search Engine Optimization

• eCommerce Marketing

• Checkout optimization & recovery

• Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing for eCommerce

• Customer acquisition and retention

• Harnessing social media for eCommerce

• eCommerce email marketing

• Payment processing

• Fulfillment streamlining

• Anything else that is related to eCommerce

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