This Meetup is past

40 people went


We have a couple talks lined up.

1) Building on Azure - Chris Risner (Microsoft)

Chris is an evangelist from Microsoft, talking about deploying cloud infrastructure on Azure. They have some pretty cool tools for iOS development on their Mobile Services platform that makes it equally powerful for deploying and syncing across the platforms. Win Win, and makes the MS stuff play nice together with everyone else.

2) CBC Music - Ash Mishra

Ash is the main pioneer of all CBC music mobile initiatives it seems. He's going to demo and talk about the new CBC music mobile technology. And damn impressive I must say.

3) Meteor

Aaron's going to demo how fast it is to setup a meteor web interface, and talk about his team's accomplishment at Vancouver Hacking Health. This includes tying a web request to the meteor server to trigger a realtime web refresh.


We're open to more iCandy or Tips from the Trenshed presentations, if you've got something about Clouds going at supersonic speeds, let's hear it!

Chris Hobbs ( - Presentation lineup

Argun ( - Tales from the Trenches

You could also post to this meetup board if you've got something you'd like to share and we'll line you up.

$10 at door, and it's cheaper online at $9. Food and drink is served!