Lightning Talks (and not just Functions!)

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Vancouver Azure Meetup Group
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Come join us for a series of lightning talks and pizza!

Let Anna or Anthony know if you would like to take the floor for your own talk too! What have you made with Azure that you think other members would find interesting? How did you overcome a cloud-related obstacle? Share your knowledge with us! We would love to hear from some newcomers.


Anthony Chu - Not Bacon

Is it bacon? Or is it Kevin Bacon? Using Azure Cognitive Services' Custom Vision and Computer Vision APIs, we'll train an image classifier in 10 minutes that will detect the presence of bacon and/or Kevin Bacon in a photo!

Jef King - Event Grid

Servers… what are those? For those of us building resilient serverless distributed systems there is a new kid on the block. An intro and overview to learn the basics of how Event Grid can simplify your interconnected services.

Anna Zietlow - A Dip in Data Lake

An overview of Azure Data Lake with attention to how it helps developers overcome the challenges associated with "Big Data." Come on in, the water is fine!

Sia Ghassemi - Future of Functions

Taking on the Speed Force Serverless computing is all around and evolving... soon we will see more and more backends built just on serverless functions. But what does the future of Azure Functions hold for developers? A brief introduction to what's next on functions.

Andrew Cook - Friends with Failure: The story of developing an Alexa Skill on Azure Functions

A look at what is required to get an application up and running on Azure Functions and the failures I encountered along the way.

Note: Please bring government-issued ID to this event. We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.