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FYI: Internet radio Christian/atheist debate

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Not a in-person meetup, but an LIVE program on the internet you may be interested in.

Place: "Counsel Here Now" Internet show at:
Date: Wed. 8-21-13
Time: 7:30-9 pm (Pacific)

This is a Christian/atheist debate on whether science/philosophy can destroy Christian theology.

Atheist: Truman Ardent Smith (former Christian, now atheist), author of the booklet "Modern Science and Philosophy Destroys Christian Theology."[1]

Christian: Steven Gregg, author of "Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary."[2] He also hosts an internet radio show called "The Narrow Path."[3]

Moderator: Rick Livingston, Portland-area Christian counselor and host of the internet radio show called "Counsel Here Now."[4]

Facebook Event Page: (Please help spread the word)

[1]"Modern Science and Philosophy Destroys Christian Theology."
[2]"Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary."
[3]"The Narrow Path" internet show
[4]"Counsel Here Now" internet show:


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