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The women's group with a sweat pants/yoga pants/messy hair dress code... this is the place to be for all women from Fraser Valley to the North Shore Mountains who want to do stuff and learn stuff in their comfiest sweat pants, yoga pants, jeans n' hoodie, etc. Business, Wellness, Social and Life Learning events of all kinds will be featured here 9big and small). This will be a hub of all hubs for both intimate and grand occasions. This is especially for you if you can appreciate people of all backgrounds, and if you are warm and approachable, and treat everyone with respect whether they roll in wearing sneakers or Jimmy Choos.


Hi, I'm Mindy Ambrose and I'm a 37-year-old Competitive Athlete, Entrepreneurship Enthusiast, Goal Addict, Nature Lover, Genuine Friend, Secret Introvert living an extroverted life (lol) and I'm obsessed with learning. Sometimes I like dressing up and sometimes (*ahem usually) I have messy hair and live in yoga pants. I created this group to bring easy-going people together (several times per year) who share a zest for experiencing new things but who don't want the pressure of having to spend 3 hours getting ready and buying a new outfit just to get out and do something. This is a judge-free zone, not an image competition, and if you have to roll into a luncheon with a ponytail and baby puke on your shirt, you will get high 5s from everyone!!! Likewise If you treat yourself to that handbag you've wanted for a year and are delighted to have an occasion to show it off, we will all be happy for you just the same.


All events will include extremely thorough descriptions of what to expect. Zero intimidation factor is the goal. If any kind of dress code suggestions should be brought up I'll do that, but you will often see the dress code listed as "Wear whatever the eff will help you feel like yourself." Whatever it takes to get quality people out to try new things, even if they are a bit nervous, will be infused in my group.

Examples of events to be posted in here:

1. Lunch-and-learns on any topic from business startup or personal development, to "How to easily up your fashion game when you feel out of touch with current styles."

2. Pajama or Sweat Pants Socials (did I mention sometimes I just don't want to spend 3 hours getting ready just to go out? lol. I know I'm not alone here... so, pajamas for everyone!)

3. Fitness Labs where you can get sweaty while learning a new form of fitness in-depth, alongside other newbies.

4. "Ask an Expert" Q&A gatherings to ask an industry authority all of your burning questions on a particular topic. 5. Speaking Engagements and Seminars that are of special interest to women

6. Business Labs for the self-employed

I was born in Vancouver, raised in Langley and now live in Burnaby. These events could take place anywhere in the lower mainland.

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