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Let's Collaborate on Meetup Ideas/Planning (it's also an ongoing mobile process)

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I've started a collaborative Quip document for collecting ideas for meetups and planning them. RSVP for this event, and I'll send you details about how to join the document. On the date of the meetup, we can get together for an orientation to the Quip document, discuss ideas for meetups, and have a beverage and/or something to eat at a location that works for those who are coming. We should be able to let those who cannot make it join us for part of the time via a conference call. I hope to do this meetup every month or so.

NOTE: To RSVP for this meetup, you only need to want to join our collaborative document. You DON'T need to be available to come to the meetup on the date listed.

Here are some of the ideas so far. RSVP so you can join the document and conversation, to let us know yours!

• Mixer / Get Together

• LA County Museum of Art‎ (LACMA) Area Exploration and Mixer

• Amateur Night for Performances

• Volunteer to Do Something as a Group

• Variety People Networking and Support Group

• Job Trading or Sharing

• Potluck, Perform and Pickup

• Start sustainable proximities (which help create sustainable variety) using Shared Situation Guides ( that others can join too.

• Dance Party, with a variety of kinds of dance.

• Art Swap

• Make group art, photograph it, destroy it.

• Variety workout — some of each: yoga, dance, run, weights, others?

• Variety people speed dating.

• Events that involve some work, some collaboration, and some play.

• Online Meeting to Discuss Meetup Ideas

• Mashups of any of the above ideas.

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