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Vedic Art Sunny Retreat in Sintra, Portugal
Your journey to creation of the fine art and the art of life in the middle of luscious landscapes of Portugal Choose Level 1 or 2 : Self- Investment €995 / €950 Early Bird Special (book by 1st of March) Teacher Course additional €600 Price Includes: – 30-hour Vedic Art course, facilitated in beautiful gardens and scenic terraces of private villa by two experienced Vedic Art teachers: Violetta Brandys from Birmingham and Lorelai I. Dali from Dublin. Completing the course awards the Level 1, 2 or Teacher Certificate (choose one option) - taught in English and Polish language – Basic supply of paper, pencils, and decorations – 7 nights stay in shared room in private villa with a pool and gardens, located 25km from Lisbon and 15 minutes drive to the beach. To see pictures and location visit – Half Board Meals: healthy homemade breakfast and dinner each day (starting with dinner on the day of arrival, ending with breakfast on the day of departure) – coffee, tea, water, fruits supplied all day long – transfer from/to the airport in our rental van (morning and afternoon collection times will be scheduled (if arriving at a different time you’re responsible for our own transfer) – optional sightseeing or beach trips in the afternoons, if desired – additional self-development activities such as meditations and more Additional costs to cover by each participant: – Return flights from your location to Lisbon (It’s smart to book the flight tickets in advance as they tend to be quite expensive during the summer. We can assist in searching for the flight tickets) – Lunch if desired and drinks – Painting materials: you can either bring your own materials from home or buy paints and canvasses in Lisbon, but please remember to add the check-in baggage accordingly. (8-12 Canvas / canvas boards/ canvas roll;[masked]ml tubes of acrylic paints, various brushes) To book go to Deposit €300 secures your spot - deadline 31/3 ABOUT VEDIC ART Vedic Art is an intuitive painting method, that allows you to connect with your heart and let your inner world manifest on an empty canvas. Taking part in a Vedic Art course is a wonderful way for you to connect with your creativity, reduce stress and liberate the potential for new ideas. Workshops are open to all who are interested or feel inspiration to the inner realization process. Whether or not you have previous experience in painting doesn't make difference. For 7 days, you are going to experience a spontaneous and natural process of creation, without copying or recreating anything. You will be unlocking your creativity not only in painting. Your brushes and canvas are the tools to revive your creativity in all parts of your life. You may think that only special people with special skills and abilities can paint. Not at all. Everyone can do it, not by learning anything, but by revealing the inner self while following and applying the principles of Vedic Art. If you have no experience with the brushes and paints, it’s perfectly well. It’ll be easy for you to dive into your heart, without thinking about any do’s and don’ts. Vedic Art is not a theory that can be grasped; it can only be experienced. This experience is unique for each and every person and brings about the images which are intimately connected with their creator. „Vedic Art methodology is the heart” By working through the principles of Vedic Art you can:* Awaken to your unique gifts enabling you to unleash the REAL you* Remember how to express yourself from within and flow with creative process* Begin to create without demand or planning* Feel more confident about yourself and your capabilities* Learn to listen to your heart and start to live accordingly to what is there* Return faith in yourself through the acceptance of whom you are* Paint your dreams and allow them to manifest for you* Liberate from the blockages of ego and fears* Vedic Art it is not a therapy but it can be deeply therapeutic* Your heart in result opens up to show the truth about yourself and your own divine presence.

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Vedic Art is an intuitive painting and spiritual awakening method, that allows you to connect with your heart and let your inner world manifest on an empty canvas.

You don't need any previous experience or artistic ability to benefit - the process of connecting with your creativity is stimulated by 17 principles that work on a deep subconscious level and let your inner artist come out.

In this group you will be able to join events, classes and workshops connected with painting from the heart to experience the fun way towards finding your spiritual self. You will remember that you are the creator of your life!

Vedic Art does not teach how to paint - No - Vedic Art is a way to remember how to paint and how art can be created. From the very start, when we hear about the seventeen Vedic Principles of Art, we begin to remember the whole story of life, from where we come, and where we are going.

Vedic Art is a chart. Use the compass you have in your brain and find the way to the chamber of peace in your heart. Then - when you dip your brush, light space bliss! ...eternity will be pictured.

Art can open doors in heaven when you are immersed in your work of art - in yourself referral dialogue - you will find the code of how life can be lived and how to find peace. “

~ Vedic Art founder, Curt Källman~

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