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Rescheduled Intro Talk from September
Hi everyone, Sorry the Sept meeting didn't work. How about Thursday 23rd October? Say 7pm. I am open to venue suggestions!

Needs a location

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    Do you feel your mind is always racing? Do you wish you could find a better way to deal with stress? Have you always thought that meditation was supposed to be hard? Please join for a fascinating, free introductory talk in which you’ll discover an ancient (2,000 years older than Buddhism), easy-to-learn meditation practice you can use every day to cleanse yourself of the toxic effects of stress, sleep better, slow down the effects of aging, and enjoy a healthier, happier, more- purposeful life. Really. Vedic Meditation is an effortless mental technique that’s good for dealing with stress and quieting the mind. So you can be more present for the things that really matter. It’s not a religion and there’s no chanting. You don’t have to sit in uncomfortable positions for really long times. It doesn’t have to be dark or quiet. That’s because Vedic Meditation was designed for multi-tasking people with active minds. People with jobs, relationships, families and stuff. In other words it’s not for monks…it’s for you. This will be an informational talk and if you are interested you can then sign up for a four day course beginning Thursday 4 September or a course on a later date. We won’t be doing any meditating or yoga at this intro talk, so you don’t need to wear any special clothing. Just come as you are, and enjoy. You’re welcome to invite any friends you feel might be interested, but please RSVP to save your spot. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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