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VegKC Restaurant Meetup - Waldo Pizza

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“It's delicious!” =)

If you decide to RSVP - Show Up.

We're planning on doing Waldo Pizza this month. We will be doing a vegan all you care to eat pizza buffet.

They also have some tasty vegan cup cakes. They now have another baker making them, so they are slightly different but still very good. Typically they have lemon and cappuccino (both are delicious, sadly the macadamia nuts are no more.)

They have also added some new desserts... and have a dedicated vegan menu you can request.

They have in the past requested that we try to fill one table at a time, so as not to saturate their back room with a smaller number of people if we don't all show up. If you RSVP'd, but aren't doing the buffet for some reason, please let us know so they can adjust the number of pizzas accordingly.

We've put in our reservation and will have an all you can eat vegan pizza buffet. What they plan for us depends partially on the number of people who RSVP and show up... so please try to RSVP accurately. We expect the prices to be approx. as follows: (this is a guess based on a previous event, it may be off by a dollar or something.)

The tap room will handle 75, or informally up to 100 wandering around...

Food Options:*-----------------------Price:---------w/Tax:

Pizza Buffet---------------------------$7.99--------$8.77
Pizza Buffet with soda--------------$9.49--------$10.41
Pizza Buffet with salad-------------$9.98---------$10.95
Pizza Buffet with salad & soda----$11.48-------$12.60
Vegan Cup Cakes!-------------------$3.00---------$3.??

*Other items, like beer, are extra of course.

Located in Kansas City near 75th and Wornall and also in Lees Summit in Rollins Meadow at Douglas Square, Waldo Pizza is immensely popular due to their really awesome pizza. They offer a great variety of veggies.

Waldo pizza has always had soy cheese available on their menu--unfortunately, it has casein in it and isn't vegan. The regular, non-vegan soy cheese is still available (and listed on the menu), so to get the good stuff be sure to ask for the "vegan mozzarella" (which is made by Follow your Heart.) They also now serve Daiya cheese - which has a much stronger, sharper flavor which many enjoy. We'll probably have a couple of pizza's with Daiya to try as well as the classic Follow Your Heart.

While fake meats may not be a great main stay for a healthy diet, they can bring back a favorite dish or add something a little different. Waldo has recently added veggie sausage, veggie pepperoni and two kinds of veggie "chickun."

Traditional hand-tossed and thin crusts are vegan, the regular and spicy marinaras as well as the BBQ are vegan. At the salad bar, the Italian dressing is vegan. They also have a vegan gluten-free crust (for a little extra - special order).

Here are a few of the possible pizzas we'll have depending on the number of people - more people = more variety...

Traditional, spicy marinara with artichoke and sun dried tomato.
Traditional, barbecue with pineapple (veggie sausage?) and roasted garlic.
Thin?, marinara, roasted garlic, tomato, and basil (of course).
Traditional, marinara with sauerkraut, pineapple, and sun dried tomato.
Thin with spicy marinara, veggie pepperoni, and tomatoes?
Thin, marinara with kalamata olives and mushrooms.
Arugula with artichoke hearts and sun dried tomato.
Traditional or Thin?, marinara with tomatoes, mushrooms, red onion, and pepperoncini.

Please - respect the RSVPs, if you choose to come RSVP and SHOW UP! We understand that life happens and if you might not make it - please update your RSVP to no! This is absolutely necessary to keep events free and work with venues.