Holiday Potluck and White Elephant Party! (3RD SAT)

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Scarlett's home

5200 Avenue H · Austin , al

How to find us

Just north of 51st St, west of Airport Blvd- Grey house on corner of Ave. H and 52nd

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VERY IMPORTANT for this meetup: our host is very allergic to cashews, so we must require that NO DISHES WITH CASHEWS be brought please!

PLEASE NOTE: To accommodate our host's schedule, this year's Holiday Potluck is on the THIRD Saturday of December.

Join us for the annual AVVA Holiday Potluck! Come enjoy some great, festive vegan food, along with old and new vegetarian friends and camaraderie. We will once again be doing a "white elephant" gift exchange too!

All attendees must bring a VEGAN dish that can serve 8, and again, NO CASHEWS. Couples can choose to bring two dishes or an extra-large dish. Please try not to bring just a snack like chips or nuts. You also should bring a serving utensil, as well as your own plate, utensils, and beverage. Bring your recipe or a list of ingredients to help those with food sensitivities.

As always, our events are family- and children-friendly, but we do ask that parents keep their children supervised. Also RSVP early - this is a popular event and we are limiting the number of guests, at least at first. (Please note in the comments how many children you're bringing.)

How the White Elephant gift exchange works: Each guest contributes one (or two) gifts to the game, and ultimately each guest walks away with a different gift from the game. The theme for the gifts is recycling, so we seriously encourage you to bring something you were given before and can now "regift", or something you used to use but someone else could use more, etc. You shouldn't have to spend money on a gift, but if you do, it'd be $10 max.

All gifts should be wrapped, but not labeled to reflect the sender or a recipient. Everyone will draw a number to determine the order of gift choosing. The person who drew #1 chooses a gift from the pile, and then shows it to everyone. Then it's the next person's turn. They can either steal an item previously unwrapped or open a new gift from the pile. If a person's gift is stolen, that person can immediately unwrap a new gift or steal a different person's gift (no stealing a gift back). The process works its way around the room until the last person has gone, at which point the very first person to pick out a gift gets one last chance to steal.

Stealing is limited to twice, so that the event won't take too long. Also, you can't steal back a gift on behalf of someone else, like if you're in a couple or came as a friend. Owners of opened gifts must keep them visible for all to see and hold them up when requested. No hiding gifts under your chair!

If you are bringing a child or children with you, please make sure the gift(s) they bring is something that would, in fact, work for a child. We separate the children’s gifts into their own pile, so that they don’t wind up drawing an adult’s gift (and an adult potentially getting a child’s gift).