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Vegan Dinner Presented By Nutshell Catering

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Price: $15.00 /per person

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This event is now full. If you sign up for the waiting list, email your phone number to me ( so I can contact you quickly if there's a last-minute cancellation.

Jen Gaber, formerly the chef at Monty's Blue Plate Diner, recently launched Nutshell Catering. She is going to prepare a completely vegan meal for us using many locally-grown, organic ingredients.

This event has a limit of 60 people, which might sound like a lot, but I think it could fill up -- we now have over 300 people in the group (plus family members). So, if you're interested make sure you don't wait too long to sign up.

(Note: The Daisy Cafe is just the location. It is normally closed in the evenings. The food will be from Nutshell Catering.)

1st Course
Crisp veggies and onion dip
Edamame hummus
Fruit skewers with Jen's vegan yogurt dip

2nd Course
Quinoa black bean salad
Green salad with apples and sweet red wine vinaigrette
Focaccia with tomato, spinach, and pine nuts

3rd Course
Make-your-own vegan taco buffet with two hot fillings and an array of chilled relishes, salsas, and herbs

4th Course
A vegan blondie and brownie tower with vegan ice cream from the Chocolate Shoppe!

Fruit punch, hot tea selection, and ice water.

For the lunch at Sa-Bai Thong, we started out mingling with drinks for the first 15 minutes. This time we'll start out the same way, but we're going even further. After each course, we'll switch tables so everyone has a chance to get to know even more people in the group. You won't be forced to sit apart from your kids or something like that, though.

The $15.00 fee includes everything mentioned above, as well as tax and the tip. That breaks down to about $11.00 for the meal, plus tax, tip, and a little to cover the and PayPal fees. Nutshell Catering is giving our group a great deal. A meal like this would normally cost about twice as much!

Payment Information:
Pre-payment is required. If you would prefer to send a check instead of using PayPal (payment link above), contact me ( and I will give you my mailing address.

The $15 fee includes a little extra to cover PayPal's fees ( (74 cents) as well as's $144 annual cost (

Payment Deadline:
Please pay on or before Thursday, July 9th. At the event, I will have a list of people who RSVPed and a list of people who paid. You must be on both lists to attend. If you have any questions or concerns about this feel free to let me know (

Refund Policy:
If you cancel before the payment deadline you will get a full refund. There are no refunds for cancellations after the deadline or if you do not show up to the event. If something comes up at the last minute you are welcome to find someone else to attend instead of you. The reason refunds are not given after the deadline is that I agree to pay Nutshell Catering for everyone who has paid me at that point.

What about kids?
Kids are welcome, but pay full price. Exception: Young children who will only nibble off of your plate can attend at no charge. Include all kids as guests when you RSVP and write their ages in the notes area of your RSVP.

Can I RSVP now, but wait to pay?
Yes. As long as I receive your payment by the deadline there shouldn't be a problem. And it will actually help others gauge the interest in this event if you sign up right away. However, if the event fills up, I will remove the RSVPs of people who haven't paid so that others who are interested can attend. (RSVPs can be changed until the payment deadline, if necessary.)

Why can't I RSVP as a 'maybe'? counts 'maybe' RSVPs as part of the total attending. Since this event has a maximum number, 'maybe' RSVPs could prevent someone else from going. I've made repeated suggestions for them to change the way they count 'maybe' RSVPs, but until they update their software, I won't include the 'maybe' option for events that have a maximum number.

This is a vegetarian group. Why is the dinner vegan?
As a vegetarian, it's not unusual for me to be at an event where there is little (or nothing) for me to eat. This group has members who are vegetarian, vegan, and just interested (among others). Everyone is welcome. I think it's important for our events to have a menu that not only has something for everyone, but where everyone can eat everything.